Informo | Neymar Said qualified his "friend" Messi to the World Cup

Neymar Said qualified his "friend" Messi to the World Cup

Brazilian star Neymar has expressed his "delight" that Argentina, especially his "friend" Messi, qualified for the 2018 World Cup finals in the final round of the World Cup qualifiers for the South American continent. "Of course, I'm happy for him, to see a friend who plays in a very important tournament, but I also have friends in the Chilean team," said Neymar, who helped Chile to a 3-0 victory over Chile in the last round of South American qualifying. We had to do our duty and win all the matches. Neymar had played for Messi in Barcelona for four seasons before moving to Paris St Germain for a record deal of 222 million euros last August. Messi had been in the squad for the decisive match against Ecuador and led them to the World Cup with a 3-1 3-1 draw.

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