Informo | The first living creature reaches space

The first living creature reaches space

The dog Leica: (is one of the breeds of dogs that literally means "barking" and have other names such as Kudryavka) is a Soviet space dog was born in 1954 in the city of Moscow and is the first mammal to come out into space and revolves around the Earth and the first to lose his life by This experiment was launched into space on the Soviet voyage Sputnik _2 on November 3, 1957 and was chosen to perform this task because humans knew little about the impact of space missions on living organisms. Some scientists believed that humans can not tolerate the launch process And can not coexist with the space environment The engineers proposed sending the animals first to be an indicator of humans. The United States used chimpanzees for this purpose while the Soviet Union chose to use dogs .Leica began training with two other dogs until she was chosen to do the job, but Leica died a few hours after the launch. The reason for her death is stress and high temperature. However, the experiment has shown that living organisms can co-exist with the launch of the vehicle and its rotation in orbit And bear the state of lack of weight that they are in space and paved the way for man to go out into space and gave scientists one of the first and most important information on how living organisms with the environment of space and on April 11, 2008 revealed a small memorial to Leica in the Russian state Skou next to the Russian Military research facility, which was prepared Laika trip into space.

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