Informo | One of the attractions of Switzerland's Zermatt.

One of the attractions of Switzerland's Zermatt.

Zermatt has risen from remote mountain village to world-class ski resort, and the dining options have followed suit. With more than 50 restaurants on the mountain and 100 more in town, foodies can have a field day. On most bucket lists would be the institution that is now Chez Vrony. With origins as a simple farmhouse on the slopes high above Zermatt, this alpine chalet with killer views of the Matterhorn has become a highly prized table for skiers who take lunch seriously. Hosts Vrony and Max Cotting-Julen insist on the best organic local ingredients, with animals fed on alpine grass and recipes passed down from generation to generation. The menu boasts dishes such as pink-roasted entrecôte of Swiss lamb served with a port-steeped fig and hazelnut potato purée, or pan-fried slices of duck's liver on a bed of Calvados-glazed apples, toasted almonds and crispy butter rösti. Where else? Findlerhof just below Chez Vrony is another chic shack, while the black-timbered Zum See offers an authentic blast from the past. In town the smart set favors the Michelin-starred trio of Omnia, After Seven or Le Capri at the Mont Cervin Palace, a haven for Italian seafood cooking.

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