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Take a heritage cruise

Hong Kong's pride and joy, the Star Ferry has been plying the harbor since the late 1800s. Decked out in green and white livery, these stalwart ships shuttle passengers to and from Tsim Sha Tsui all day long. The ride takes just 10 minutes and costs only 25 cents. And with the massive skyscrapers towering above, the view of the Hong Kong skyline from this angle is truly breathtaking. If you're yearning for a ride on a traditional junk boat -- known for their iconic, dragon-like sails and teak hulls -- we suggest you climb aboard the Aqua Luna II. Debuted earlier this year, the ship was handcrafted by a veteran junk builder, using traditional methods -- and not a single nail. The 45-minute evening Symphony of Light cruise includes complimentary drinks and front row seats to the city's nightly light show, where laser beams and spotlights dance across the skyscrapers.

265 | 2017-11-14 | Travel | Thailand

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