Informo | Valluga, St. Anton, Austria

Valluga, St. Anton, Austria

It sounds like a brand of caviar, and the skiing off the Valluga lift can be equally luxurious in the right conditions. Strictly speaking, it's Valluga II, rising to 2,811 meters, that has gained a notorious reputation. Only groups accompanied by a mountain guide can access this five-person sardine can above the Valluga I cable car. But the reward for investing in professional know-how is to leave behind the patrolled, groomed ski area and access some of the Alps' best off-piste. The Valluga north face is the "classic" itinerary for advanced skiers, with a steep top section opening into rolling powder fields all the way to Zurs, part of the extensive Arlberg region. Did you know? St. Anton is known as the "Cradle of Alpine Skiing" after native Hannes Schneider developed the Arlberg technique in the 1920s. His method of teaching took beginners from snowplough, through stem turns, to parallel, though the advent of carving skis has now changed the emphasis for many ski schools.

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