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Here Are the Must-Stream Movies of December 2017

The holidays always make December an incredibly busy month— as do the numerous high-profile movies debuting in theaters. If that weren’t enough to keep one’s plate full until 2018, the leading streaming services are also gearing up to keep moviegoers overwhelmed with top-notch titles of every sort, from comedies and dramas to superhero extravaganzas and daring documentaries. The question isn’t whether you’ll be able to find something great amidst these bountiful line-ups; it’s whether you’ll have the time to watch everything you want. Streaming on Netflix 8 Mile (Dec. 1) Eminem basically stars as himself in this 2002 drama about his path to hip-hop stardom from director Curtis Hanson. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Dec. 1) Jim Carrey’s breakout big-screen role came as the weirdo pet detective in 1994’s original; he then broke out of a rhino’s private parts in the less-successful 1995 sequel. Full Metal Jacket (Dec. 1) The horrors of the Vietnam War are the setting for another Stanley Kubrick portrait of man’s animalism in this sterling 1987 drama. Hitch (Dec. 1, also on Amazon Video) Will Smith is a smooth-operator matchmaker who, after teaching men to impress women, falls for one himself (in the form of Eva Mendes) in this 2005 rom-com. Nacho Libre (Dec. 1) For his follow-up to Napoleon Dynamite, director Jared Hess crafts a wacko comedy about a Mexican priest (Jack Black) who moonlights as a professional wrestler.

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