Informo | "Coty" Hattric! "Liverpool" attacked "Spartak" 7-0 championship group.

"Coty" Hattric! "Liverpool" attacked "Spartak" 7-0 championship group.

The UEFA Champions League Group E last match between the "Reds" Liverpool open the Anfield to meet Spartak Moscow team from Russia. Liverpool have a chance to lose if they lose this match. If winning will guarantee the championship immediately. This game Cleopatra did not say much about the four important offensives, such as Philippe Castro, Mohamed Saidah, Sabine Manne and Roberto Miron. As Spartak Moscow also has a slight chance. To win and win the Sevilla to lose this match Quincy Promise Netherlands wing to do the game. It turns out that Liverpool attacked Spartak Moscow, demolished 7-0, grabbed the finalists 16 finalists as a group champion. The hosts scored a goal from Philippe Coutinho at Mourinho in the fourth minute of the penalty shoot-out, 15th and 50th, Roberto Ferdinando, 19 minutes, The 47th and 76th, and Mohamed Saidah, 86 minutes. The "Reds" have 12 points out of 6 finalists as the championship. The second place is Sevilla with 9 points and Spartak 6 points to finish third, grab tickets to the Europa League.

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