Informo | "Times" Raise Women, Sex Offenders Is a person of the year

"Times" Raise Women, Sex Offenders Is a person of the year

Time Magazine praised "The Silence Breakers" for revealing sexual abuse. Person of the Year 2017 International Times reported that Time Magazine praised "The Silence Breakers," which refers to all the women who have come out of sexual abuse. To be the person of the year 2017, by stating that the disclosure of these women has become a hashtag as a movement. And it is against the law. The people. Come out to show bravery. This is a major social change. Since in Hollywood. To business and politics This helps to counter anti-sexual behavior. While on the cover of Time Magazine. It has brought in a variety of women, including Hashley Judd, Hollywood stars and Taylor Swift, famous singer-songwriter. Together with the women who dare to talk about their bad experiences. The change that follows is a very rapid change. Combined with the powerful social media catalysts under the #MeToo hashtag, which was tweeted nearly 1 million times in 48 hours in more than 85 countries last October by the hashtags. #MeToo was founded by activist Tarana Berkeley on Twitter 10 years ago to raise awareness of sexual violence.

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