Informo | Crisis in Venezuela worries both the US and the European Union

Crisis in Venezuela worries both the US and the European Union

This was one of the main issues addressed by MEPs who participated in the EU-US Interparliamentary Meeting , held in Washington . They noted that "We are deeply concerned about the serious deterioration that Venezuela is experiencing due to its democratic, economic, social and human rights instability" they also expressed that the mature President Nicolás must respect the constitution of the country Both the European Union and the United States indicated that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the constituent elections held in the country last July. The president of the European delegation the German MEP Christian Ehler, of the European People's Party Expreso It is obvious that in Venezuela there is a dictatorship. It is in a very unstable situation and we must get involved in a matter of principles I personally live this situation every day of my life and it is frustrating the conditions in which the country is in. We have a crisis. Both economically and politically and socially serious that is harming the population, that is why it is of great importance that the countries discuss what solutions or help can be offered to Venezuela

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