Informo | I do not know what to do. Check the properties too.

I do not know what to do. Check the properties too.

(12 Jan) Police officers in the Crime Suppression Division, Consumer Protection Division, or PAC invited Ms. Nitthakarn or First, the owner of the white-bottomed product to give a testimony and bring the cream. Do you have a review of social media in the media? And to note that creams may contain hazardous substances, too. From the preliminary investigation police found. The label on the product goes wrong. Product details not fully disclosed. Personally, the product is hazardous or over-advertised. I do not know what to do. Officials will send the specimen to the Department of Medical Sciences to determine the chemical composition of the product. If the prohibited substances are found, the charges will be reported. The charge of bringing pornography into the computer system that Mr. Genius Ruang Rattanapong. President, Crime Victim Support Club Have a look at the police force to suppress the crime of technology crime, or take the matter today. It will import the fact-finding committee before proceeding. On the side of Asst. Lecturer, Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University It also has a warning about the ingredients of the cream. That pretends to be white and cheap. Likely this cream is a mixture of mercury. And is considered a substance that affects skin color. When to receive such a long time. Will have a mottled effect. It is also a residue.

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