Informo | What has actually changed under Trump?

What has actually changed under Trump?

It's a quarter of the way through Donald Trump's presidential term - long enough to judge his performance so far. There have been promises kept, promises broken and promises ignored. But how much have his policies changed things? A business tycoon with no political experience, he said he came to Washington to make waves. Has he succeeded? Immigration The Trump administration tackled the immigration issue pretty much right out of the gate, with its ill-fated executive order closing the US border to entrants from a handful of majority-Muslim nations. Implementation of that effort led to chaos at US airports and a quick suspension at the hands of US courts. Since then, the White House has rolled out two new border orders, adding a few countries to the banned list and removing one (Sudan). The latest measures have, at least so far, largely withstood legal challenge. Immigration enforcement has also been ramped up - 143,470 arrests for violations for the year ending in October - a 30% increase. Mr Trump also announced an end to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Immigrants (Daca) programme, which granted normalised residency status to roughly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US when they were young. The order has been temporarily suspended by the court, and is the subject of ongoing negotiations in Congress. About 200,000 Salvadoreans face an uncertain future because the White House has brought their temporary protected status (TPS) to an end. Mr Trump is pushing for sweeping changes to the US immigration system, including reductions in the total number of entrants, the termination of the visa lottery system and greatly reducing the ability of current US residents to bring relatives into the country. Those measures will be strongly opposed by Democrats, however. As for the Mexican border wall, perhaps the most memorable of Mr Trump's campaign promises, funding is still in doubt and - and the money to pay for it will almost certainly com

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