Informo | Conditions "Reds" accelerate pulling "Kaita" join forces within this month.

Conditions "Reds" accelerate pulling "Kaita" join forces within this month.

Nebuchadneys midfielder may be transferred to Anfield in the January transfer market immediately if Liverpool agree to a condition with a team from Germany. It was agreed earlier that Guido would join the Reds at the end of the 2017/18 season. However, after they let go of a £ 142million signing of Philippe Castro to Barcelona, ??it is possible that the Reds will agree. With such conditions to strengthen the team when the lack of key players. A report from Germany revealed that the Guinean midfielder could move to Liverpool in January if they were willing to pay £ 13m, while Leipzig were in dire need of money into the clubhouse to avoid doing so. Unhappy with the financial rules of the UEFA fair playground. Gimmebug Guruk, football player of SkySports, has expressed his views on the acceleration of the Reds' Guatemalan. "I think Liverpool will offer Leipzig's money to Accelerate grab him if necessary. Call it a loan before it. Now, the form of Guida is not at the highest level as before. He just scored a few goals and it seemed like he was going to be somewhere else. "

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