Informo | "Tiffany," a tough woman who is not defeated. From the past to the boiling.

"Tiffany," a tough woman who is not defeated. From the past to the boiling.

If that day Tiffany Teo (Tiffany Teo) decided to follow the advice of adults in the choir. I will not do what I dreamed. That is, entering the martial arts or martial arts, she did better. Today she is recognized as one of the strongest female athletes in the ONE Championship. Tiffany's Childhood Start with singing practice. And join the choir in the country. Most of her time was spent practicing singing in the rehearsal room with a big book. Unlike the present she turned to wear a 4 oz. Mitten training in the gym. After watching the TV show. And started practicing Taekwondo. Including other martial arts. "When I was a kid, I was called a nephew. Not with anyone and shy (laughs). " At one point, she felt that singing was not her own. Tiffany turned his back on it. Then turn yourself into a fighter on the grid. It appeared that she was impressed by the 7th stage she walked up the arena. All 7-0 wins are not spelled. With the expertise of Muay Thai martial arts. She made her appearance on the ONE Championship, which was broadcast to boxing fans throughout Asia. "At the time, I did not think about going to the tournament," Tiffany recalls. "But was introduced by a coach. They wanted me to go to Thailand. To test the ability It's a very weird idea. Do you think that you will let me fight another woman who has trained longer than me? "

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