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Characteristics of the learner

Characteristics of the learner No person can be a scholar of a particular matter if he does not have the qualities that qualify him to acquire this science. One of the most important qualities that all those who intend to learn must possess: patience, perseverance and seriousness in seeking knowledge. Patience and perseverance are the two ways for man to has a useful knowledge useful for him and for people around him. Seeking knowledge may be difficult in many times, making many people turn away from it because of the distress it causes them, but if they know how much benefit they will learn from it, they would not do this. Education is not only for material purposes, and even if today’s economy is based on knowledge, there are other goals for science to be aware of. Science develops the brain, and gives the human abilities he did not have, such as logical thinking, for example, which should be acquired by students of engineering and scientific disciplines. As well as the self-improvement that can be acquired by students of the humanities and in particular students of religious sciences. Hence, it is clear that the effects of science on man are more than to be counted . Therefore, everyone should strive for science .

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