Informo | Olympics opening ceremony broadcast will feature 1,200 drones

Olympics opening ceremony broadcast will feature 1,200 drones

The Olympic rings, a symbol of the games for more than 100 years, will receive a high-tech presentation at Friday's opening ceremony. A flight of more than 1,200 automated Intel (INTC) drones — a world record — will appear in the shape of the five rings during Friday's kickoff broadcast of the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Intel pre-taped the flock of drones on a Korean ski slope in December. A smaller live 300-drone performance was planned for attendees at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium, but was called off at the last minute. An Intel spokeswoman did not say why the show was scratched. But during Friday's evening broadcast, Intel will also organize the drones to resemble a snowboarder racing down a slope. In another part of the taped segment, they will align to resemble a huge bird that's flapping its wings. Related: Intel's drones could be the first step toward flying billboards Intel's drones are large LED lights with propellers and sensors attached. They weigh less than a pound. Computer software is used to coordinate where each drone flies, and whether it is lit up.

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