Informo | Real Madrid suffer from double standards

Real Madrid suffer from double standards

The Paris Saint-Germain side that beat Barcelona 4-0 had Marquinhos, Rabiot, Verratti, Di Maria and Cavani in it who also took the field in the 2-1 loss against Real Madrid. Everyone praised Emery, and Verratti, who has now been described by some pundits as finished, was linked to Barcelona. In the return leg when they lost 6-1, Di Maria was missing but Thiago Silva, Meunier and Draxler came into side, while the talk afterwards was not about Aytekin or PSG lacked organisation but that it was a miracle, a great achievement and a fantastic night. A year later and we find ourselves with a PSG who have been reinforced with Neymar, Mbappe and Alves but now no one is talking about the performance of the reigning Champions League winners but the absence of Neymar, who was in the first leg, and the problems of a side that last December was expected to beat Real without breaking sweat. In 2008, PSG have been described as small, not to be taken seriously and that Verratti is a fake. They are said to be a group of spoilt kids and that Pastore is an ex-footballer, that it is a team of individualists and that they will never win anything in Europe with players like Motta, Rabiot and Verrati. Of the team tht has won two consecutive Champions Leagues and three from the last four years, little has been said in the Spanish press and I ask myself: "what has Real Madrid doen over the past 116 years if not carry the Spanish flag around the world?"

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Write by arsaniadel