Informo | Fabregas: Playing against friends like Messi motivates me

Fabregas: Playing against friends like Messi motivates me

It was May 17 2014 when Cesc Fabregas played his last match for Barcelona, before going to Chelsea where he enjoyed immediate success, and he revealed that playing against friends like Lionel Messi motivates him. It's been a grand total of 46 months since that fateful day at the Camp Nou and Fabregas is returning home for a second time and will be well received by the club. In an exclusive interview with MARCA, the former Arsenal midfielder detailed his Barcelona departure, as well as his Chelsea career and how he feels the team can hurt the Blaugrana in the Champions League. Did you realise that would be your last Barcelona appearance? "I haven't played a single game there since that day, I didn't realise it would be my last appearance for the club, but the truth is that it was a very sad day all round." What does it mean to return to your city? "It's a mix of desire and mystery, it will be a complicated, difficult match. 90 minutes of football at the Camp Nou is a long time for any visiting team. We're working well and are looking forward to the challenge, we're prepared." It will also be against friends like Pique and Messi, how does that feel? "I like playing against friends, you feel an extra motivation." What feelings have you had when facing Barcelona previously? "I like it, the feelings have always been positive ones. I did it with Arsenal and now with Chelsea, I've felt pretty good on both occasions. It doesn't bother me to play against my previous club or old friends, it motivates me."

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