Informo | "Chalermchai" ordered the troops to avoid recording data on social. View Profile If you do not hope

"Chalermchai" ordered the troops to avoid recording data on social. View Profile If you do not hope

Nowadays, social media causes chaos, so try to frame the troops in a modest frame. Some of the stories that have been revealed and lack of information will lead the society to interpret them in the wrong way. We must try to avoid it. No data is recorded. Some things are a matter of secrecy. And the practice generally came out to the public. This is a common principle. Because sometimes lead to deviate. Things come out of the social. It is not 100% true, and some people do not know the truth and extend it will have negative effects on society as a whole. If there is an offender, it must be punished. Disciplined The Army has a concern for unit operations. In the military release room Which is free from active duty. And return home. Including training new military training. As well as the practices that may affect the image of the DDP, we would like to emphasize the supervisors at all levels: 1. Give new training units. Take control measures to follow the steps from light to heavy. By the way exercise properly. To be healthy. Supplement with food supplement. And enough minerals. The penalty must be in accordance with the rules. Ministry of Defense regulations Do not use force. And bullying is a form of obscenity. If action is taken. The army will not protect the offender. It will be carried out by the military personnel. And will deal with criminal cases involving the military. 2. Define measures to understand. Prohibition of publishing a slide Or video clip Military training, penalties and improper military characteristics of military personnel. Social media is strictly prohibited. The action. The army lost its reputation. The military personnel responsible for such actions are guilty of the Military Discipline Act of 1933.

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