Informo | Open myths, mystic lands. "Wat Khasai Gaay" villagers parade luck.

Open myths, mystic lands. "Wat Khasai Gaay" villagers parade luck.

(May 15, 61) The villagers ask for the number of Wat Kadayat Thammarikam Moo 4, Tambon Wat Phra Thong. Angthong Province is a land of mystery. There is a palace under the serpent beneath the treasure. There is a sacred devotion to the sacred by Mrs. Sommai 63 years old and neighbors in the district of over 200 people have come to pay homage to the sacred place in the Khmer temple to ask for a number. Then there is the noble. The dance is similar to the serpent. The dance is like a hint to the number. Let the villagers take the chance. Wat Kadayay, front of Wat Gaisay, is about 4 rai of land, which is higher than the area of ??Na Prasat for hundreds of years. There are bamboo trees growing around the area and then there is a pond. Inside, there is a wooden Thai court next to the ground. There are 3 big Buddha statues and a lot of temples with many garages placed around the court. In the mind of the villagers. At the same time, I want to be happy. The villagers believe that it is a city. The elder said that the bamboo shoots come out and not come out. Some say that during the night there is a drum sound, the drum sound comes from the Ganga temple. There are many people who go into the temple and then lost in the temple. It is believed that there are many buried treasures under the ground. There is a serpent in the basement. And the past has found that many people who have been digging for the property must be many.

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